Vaulty provides two quick and easy ways to secure your private media.

Sharing to Vaulty

Images and videos can be hidden in Vaulty from your device's gallery or other apps that allow you to share media.

  1. Select items to hide
  2. Tap the share icon
  3. Select Vaulty and enter password if prompted

Vaulty will automatically move the items you selected to a secure location on your device and remove them from your gallery. If any pictures or videos you tried to hide remain in your gallery after sharing them to Vaulty do not delete them. Open Vaulty and verify that the media was properly transfered. If something went wrong, turn your phone off and then back on and try again.

Hide From Within Vaulty

Media can also be imported from within Vaulty.

  1. Open Vaulty
  2. Tap the lock shaped hide icon
  3. Open a folder
  4. Tap items to select
  5. Tap the hide icon to hide the selected items